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General questions

As much as we would love to give you a quote, we cannot until we know how big the area is that you would like paved. It also depends on which type of block paving you go for. We are happy to give you a free no obligation quote once you have told us your full requirements.
We always want our clients to get the best results, so we would recommend that we dig up your old driveway before laying a new one. We want to ensure that the foundations are perfect before laying your new driveway.
With the amount of rain we have in the UK, you should not need to water your artificial grass. Having said that, if we were to have a few weeks without any rain, then it would not hurt to water your garden.
Your artificial grass can last up to ten years depending on the quality of the artificial grass and how well it is maintained. We use only the best artificial grass to ensure it does last that long.
We offer many landscaping services including:

1. Soft & Hard landscaping
2. Artificial grass
3. Removing shrubs and hedges
4. Tree surgery
5. We can add steps and curbing to any patio area

We can turn your tired looking garden into a masterpiece. Our professional landscapers will design you an idyllic place to relax in.
It depends on the job in hand. If we wanted to get a job finished, then we may work through the weekend to ensure this happens.
There are many reasons why your grass can stop growing but one of them is the cold weather. Your grass will need a special treatment to make it start growing again. We can help you with this. We can offer you our AERATION / SCARIFICATION service. This will help your grass to grow again. Give is a call if you would like to know more about this and its benefits.
We would love to help. We can cut her grass regularly, trim her bushes and get rid of any weeds that may grow through her patio area. She can then enjoy her garden instead of worrying about it.
Yes, all of our work is guaranteed for 10 years. We are also fully insured. So you have peace of mind when contracting Essex Landscape Services to carry out any services on your front and back garden.
Well you have come to the right place. We can remove any unwanted rubbish, old furniture and broken fence panels from your garden. We can tidy it up so you have a blank canvas to work with. We can remove trees, bushes and shrubs to make more room for a new patio area if this is something you are interesting in. Contact us if you would like to know more about all our garden services.
No, this is definitely not a problem. If the trees are over hanging into your neighbours garden then we will ask them if it is ok to gain entry into their property so we can retrieve any of the branches that may fall while we are trimming the trees. We do try our hardest not to bother them at all by using specialist tools and equipment but sometimes we need to ask.
Normally we would say no, but it does depend on the trees. If you would like us to keep them for you, then please let us know otherwise we will dispose of them in the correct manner.

Project Questions

We always work to the highest of standards to ensure that nothing will happen to your new driveway once it has been laid but if a problem was to arise then please contact us straight away. We will get a member of our team to come and assess the problem. They will then find the best way to fix it so it doesnt happen again.
We would like to be able to give you an exact time frame but cannot do this until we have assessed the area in which you would like paved. Please give us a call and we can discuss your full requirements.
In most cases, you can walk on your patio area as soon as we are finished. If there is any reason why we would want you to wait, then we will let you know.
No, not always. As long as there is easy access to your back garden, then we can let ourselves in and out when we need to if you are ok with this.
Yes, of course we can. We will go through the plans with you to ensure that everything you want us to do if on them and to ensure that any drains and manholes that are needed have been included in the plans.
There will be some mess while we are working but we will tidy up as we go along. We will take away any rubbish once we leave. We will dispose of it in the correct manner, recycling when possible. This will include old concrete slabs, chopped down trees, weeds, grass cuttings and anything else that we have worked with.
Yes, we most certainly can. We not only lay new driveways but we repair them to. So just give us a call and let us know what the problem is so we can send round a member of our team to rectify the problem.
Yes your new driveway can be sealed. This is something we discuss with all our clients who requires a new driveway. If you would more information about this service then please give us a call.