Trying to maintaining a garden with large trees can be time consuming. Sweeping up the leaves every day that have blown across your garden seems to be an ongoing thing. One way of preventing this is to have the trees chopped down by professional tree surgeon who has the correct tools and machinery to chop down one or more trees in a short amount of time.

Tree Surgery Service

We specialise in:

  • Tree felling
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree clearance
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree removal
  • Tree care services

If you like having trees in your garden because they add security and privacy, then we can trim them down or remove certain parts of the tree that may be causing you and your neighbours problems.

We always recommend that you should contact an expert tree surgeon to do this rather than doing it yourself. It can be dangerous and cost you more money in the long run, if you hurt yourself and cannot work due to your injuries.

Once we have chopped down a tree, the stump will be left. If you would like us to remove the stump, then this can be arranged. We will use a stump grinder to remove the stump from the ground, by cutting into it until there is nothing left but mulch materials and sawdust.

We will then remove the tree itself along with any other mess that has been made.

If you would like to hear more about our tree maintenance services, then please contact us today.

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