Our services are carried out by professional landscapers from Essex. They have many landscaping ideas so can help you with the overall planning of your new landscaping project.
Block Paving Service

Block Paving

We can add traditional and contemporary style steps, kerbs and edging to finish off your driveway and garden nicely.

Driveway Service


We can design you a bespoke driveway along with a new path using top quality block paving.

Patio Service


You can choose from a wide range of block paving in the size and colour of your choice.

Landscaping Service


Whether you are looking to change a small part of your garden or the entire thing, we can accommodate your every need.

Artificial Grass Service

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is a great alternative to real grass. It is practically maintenance free, very practical and looks just as good as the real thing.

Aeration / Scarification Service

Aeration / Scarification

We can offer you the most popular treatments that will help your grass to grow. It will also remove any moss present from your grassed areas.

Grass Cutting Service

Grass Cutting

We have the machinery and gardening tools to help maintain your garden so it looks presentable at all times.

Tree Surgery Service

Tree Surgery

If you like having trees in your garden because they add security and privacy, then we can trim them down or remove certain parts of the tree that may be causing you and your neighbours problems.

Garden Tidy Service

Garden Tidy

We can tidy up your garden by removing branches that have fallen from your trees, fallen leaves and any clutter you may have accumulated over the years.